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Combi Oven

Korea's first compact combisteamer is a convection oven, a steam oven and a comination of both in 1 machine! 
At the forefront of this leading technology, the combi oven produces excellent results with its one-of-a-kind smoke function

Semiconductor Smart Griddle

Electric semiconductor griddle allows for very fast heat up, uniform temperature distribution, separate controls for multiple cooking and reduced heat disparity resulting in efficient energy saving

Automatic Rotary Pouch Packaging

Manufacturer of automatic packaging machines using flexible films and pre-made pouches in the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries since 1996. All machines feature uncompromising quality, rugged construction and durable and efficient dynamics.

Peeling Machine

Quick and even all round peeling of root products such as potatoes, kohlrabi and celeriac. Peeling waste percentage is greatly reduced.

Commercial Induction Stove

Commercial induction cooker uses advanced electromagnetic heating technology for fast and even heat up, resulting in high efficiency and energy saving. Customization available.

Sugarcane Juicer

Premium sugarcane juice extractor designed for sanitary operation and does not require repetitive juicing. Unbelievably lightweight, stylish and easy to clean.

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